Polo is partnering with Grailed to celebrate the Limited Edition Polo Sport Denim & Silver launch. The collaboration will find a number of vintage Polo Sport pieces being made available exclusively through Grailed and the POLO app.

In speaking on the joint effort, Grailed's Lawrence Schlossman told Complex, "So much of where fashion is at today draws clear inspiration from the groundbreaking sportswear-meets-fashion narrative pioneered by Polo Sport. Through both the relaunch itself and a curated selection of vintage Polo Sport pieces sourced from our community, Grailed is continuing our mission of melding the past and present to help create the future of men's fashion."

Conversely, Ralph Lauren is also eagerly looking forward to its partnership with Grailed. "We're equally excited to be partnering with Grailed to offer an exclusive collection of vintage pieces that has been curated by them and authenticated by us," added John Wrazej, Ralph Lauren's Executive Vice President and Creative Director of Men's. "It's just the latest example of how the POLO app has been a powerful catalyst for us, bringing our fans into the conversation and engaging with the culture at large."

Polo Sport and Grailed's collaboration largely centers around the POLO app. Beginning May 16, POLO app members can enter for a chance to attend the vintage items reveal at the Polo Prince Street Store in SoHo. Additionally, 12 vintage Polo Sport pieces from Grailed and Polo will be available on the POLO app beginning May 30, the same day the Limited Edition Polo Sport Denim & Silver collection releases.

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