Ahead of Tokyo Game Show this week, Capcom reveals the latest installment in the Resident Evil game world, Project Resistance.

The trailer starts off in a very Left 4 Dead style as four characters are attacked by waves of zombies and a Licker that's been mysteriously unleashed in what looks like an Umbrella laboratory. The person controlling the onslaught of undead creatures is hidden in the shadows at the end of the trailer. He's seen putting on a pair of mechanical gloves that glow with red LEDs. Simultaneously, Mr. X, a popular Resident Evil baddie emerges behind a locked door with glowing red eyes, suggesting that he's being controlled. Cut to black.

Many fans are speculating that the game will have a 4-v-1 player format like popular multiplayer titles Dead by Daylight and Evolve. The group of players will work together to either escape or defeat the solo player controlled boss. With the Tokyo Game Show only days away, we're sure Capcom will have plenty more to reveal about this upcoming horror game.

Watch the full trailer for Project Resistance above.

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