Cannabis brand Pure Beauty is launching two artfully designed collaborations that are, well, pure beauty.

On September 18, the imprint will unveil 10 bongs designed by Jochen Holz, the glass blower known for crafting colorful, one-of-a-kind homewares that take on abstract forms. Part smoking device and part object d'art, the bongs — displayed and sold exclusively at Nonaka-Hill Gallery in Los Angeles — stay true to Holz's aesthetic with sensually curved mouthpieces and pastel-colored chambers.

Holz's work will range from $800 to $1,200 but fear not, Pure Beauty is offering something for more casual cannabis dabblers, too: five packs of mini joints housed in boxes designed by Sterling Ruby (whose infamous work, Veil Flag, is prominently featured in The Met's new fashion exhibit), Hassan Rahim of Total Luxury Spa, musician Yu Su, Nic Fensom's SNEEZE Magazine, and natural winery Purity Wine.

The packs price at $30 and all proceeds will go to federal justice reform efforts by Dream Corps Justice — a charitable component that addresses the implicit racism in marijuana enforcement.

The number of states with marijuana legislation in place now outnumbers the states without, setting the stage for more cannabis crossovers into fashion, art, music, design, and beauty.

Always ahead of the curve, Vetements debuted a gold grinder necklace in 2016. Over the past year, skincare and makeup brands such has Milk, Dieux, and Kiehl's have incorporated the cannabis plant into their products. In fashion, "smokewear" brands like Sundae School are garnering buzz.

The possibilities of a fashion-forward cannabis industry are endless — Bottega Veneta rolling papers and Telfar vapes might just be in our future.

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