Ralph Lauren are no strangers to innovation, but their new January 2019 outwear collection might just be one of their most forward-thinking yet. Encapsulating the latest in wearable tech, they will launch the Polo 11 Heated Jacket, which features heating elements within the fabric of the coat, controlled by the bespoke Ralph Lauren app.

The heated jacket was initially designed as part as Ralph Lauren’s Olympic athlete apparel and refers back to collections from the 1990s, which were themselves modeled after space suits - and if you’re looking for endorsements, NASA and the US Olympic Team are about as good as they get. The 1997 original was a stone-cold classic (insert your own joke here about the heated element) that became one of the most collectible jackets of the 90s, so we can expect this meeting of time-honored style with cutting-edge tech to be just as influential.

It’s worth going into the wearable tech: there is a silver lining (literally) that disperses heat throughout the jacket, powered by a slim Mophie battery that plugs into the inside pocket. Heating is then controlled via Bluetooth to an app and can operate for three hours without charging - charging which can be done either via power banks or using a simple USB. Alongside moderating the temperature in the coat, the app even displays the weather outside, so the wearer can be ready for every eventuality.

The Polo 11 is a limited edition release and will be accompanied by a new version of the Glacier Down Jacket, which will also include the heated elements and will be available in both navy and silver. The Glacier Down Jacket is already an iconic Ralph Lauren piece, but with the added wearables, it is taken to a whole new level.

The first version of Ralph Lauren’s heated outerwear is due to drop January 24, with the Polo 11 available via the Polo app in the US, via Ralph Lauren's website in Europe and China, and on WeChat in Asia, as well as in selected stores. The Glacier Down Jacket will be more widely available: it can be copped at Ralph Lauren stores, via the Polo app or via the Ralph Lauren website.

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