For Reebok’s latest chapter in its ‘3:AM’ tour, an event series that explores how creatives are fueled by the late-night, they head back to the streets of New Orleans where its iconic Workout sneaker originally laid its claim to fame.

Reebok’s rich history with NOLA dates back to the mid-to-late ‘90s when the Workout’s popularity quickly surged through pop culture moments and frequent mentions by hip-hop artists like the Hot Boys. The silhouette became so popular that it even earned its own street name: “the Soldier.”

Now, ’3:AM NOLA’ returns to its roots in New Orleans with fresh takes on the Workout while connecting with a new set of influential creatives who embody the same energy that first made the shoe such a success. Reebok linked with award-winning producer and acclaimed rapper Chase N. Cashe and legendary local photographer Sthaddeus “Polo Silk” Terrell who’s been documenting the street’s of NOLA since 1987.

Drawing from the pair's intimate experiences in New Orleans, Reebok uses this as inspiration and re-imagines three new versions of the Workout. Check out the video above to see how the late nights fuel their creativity and catch a glimpse of the ‘3:AM NOLA’ collection before it drops Thursday, 6/28.

Check out the previous stops on the '3:AM' tour in Atlanta and New York and see what happens during the energetic quiet hours of the late night.

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