rico nasty nardwuar interview

J.I.D. wasn’t the only artist Nardwuar linked with during SXSW, as the Human Serviette also got together with Rico Nasty for an in-depth interview during his time in Texas.

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While showering her with gifts, as he does with all of his guests, Nardwuar and Rico discussed her affinity for anime, working in a hospital as a receptionist and how she connected with Kenny Beats. The DMV rapper also dished on DC rap and revealed that her early freestyles — dating back to five years of age — were generally about food.

One of the standout moments from Rico Nasty’s time with Nardwuar came when Nardwuar presented her with a Cheech & Chong vinyl from 1972, complete with rolling papers. To watch her reaction to the gift, press play above.

Not NYC, not LA.