This week Riff Raff has dropped off a new music video announcing his branded cannabis strains. The eccentric rapper has thus partnered with Tryke Companies to produce and distribute “Red Carpet Kush,” an inspirational sativa, and “Lamborghini Leg Lock,” a potent indica.

“It’s the equivalent to when the Lamborghini came out,” said Riff Raff. “Imagine NASA, when it first came out with the space program. This is what this is.”

“Following Khalifa Kush and Exotikz, we’re happy to have Riff Raff as a product curator here at Reef,” said Matthew Morgan, CEO of Tryke Companies. “His unique taste lends a bold new perspective to the medical cannabis market.”

Each strain is available beginning today at Reef Dispensaries on the Las Vegas strip. Northern Nevada locations will in turn follow.

Now, see below to watch Riff Raff answer questions and surf the Internet.

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