Sometimes the toughest decisions around the holidays is finding the perfect gift for the person who’s impossible to shop for, or that special something to buy with your Christmas bonus. While material possessions can only take you so far, we’re betting these handmade suitcases from world-renowned luggage maker RIMOWA can take you even further. The German-engineered brand has been a leader in premium luggage for the discerning traveler since 1898, and revolutionized the travel game with its now-iconic aluminum and polycarbonate groove suitcases.

Owning a RIMOWA today has become somewhat of a subtle flex, and those signature grooves became a status symbol for those in the know. Over a century later, each RIMOWA suitcase is still handcrafted by skilled specialists making each case one-of-a-kind, and with a five-year warranty coming standard with every case, RIMOWA luggage is the only gift you’ll want this holiday season.

While RIMOWA’s full luggage range can be dizzying given all the sizes and variations they offer, we’ve highlighted three collections that showcase the brand’s latest innovations and make them the perfect gift for any aspiring jetsetter, or just an investment for yourself.

RIMOWA Original


Arguably its most popular range, the RIMOWA Original recently dropped in two new eye-catching colors just in time for the holidays: Marine blue and Scarlet red. Each respective hue is inspired by the deep blue seas of the Mediterranean and the plumage of the Scarlet Ibis, a red bird native to tropical South America and the Caribbean. By choosing colors inspired by far-flung destinations around the world, it’s a subtle reminder that adventure always awaits.

The best part? You’ll be hard-pressed to spot another traveler with the same luggage at baggage claim. The new RIMOWA Original uses an innovative combination of anodizing processes that directly inscribes pigments into the suitcase’s aluminum skin, resulting in a vibrant, monochrome presentation unlike any luggage you’ve seen before.


For the first time ever, RIMOWA is letting you customize your own luggage through its recently launched bespoke program called RIMOWA UNIQUE. Whether you walk into a RIMOWA store or shop on their website, the customization process is super simple and starts with selecting from three accessories to personalize the Classic Cabin: a soft Nappa leather handle set and luggage tag, and a set of four wheels.


From here you’ll be able to mix and match from a spectrum of seven vibrant hues, including Ocean, Lagoon, Azure, Blush, Honey, Clementine, and Paprika. And we all know a RIMOWA case isn’t complete without it decked out in extra swag, so slap some RIMOWA-approved stickers on it or opt for a luggage charm that speaks to you.



When RIMOWA pioneered the first polycarbonate luggage case on the market nearly two decades ago, consumers were stuck with a tough decision: go with the sleek, scratch-resistant option, or stick with the OG aluminum design. With the Hybrid collection, RIMOWA combines the resilience of aluminum-magnesium alloy with the super lightweight properties of polycarbonate, creating a high-end piece of German engineering designed for a lifetime of travel. New to the RIMOWA Hybrid collection is an all-black and all-white option for the minimalist traveler who demands nothing but the best.

Words by Daniel So
Branded Content Editor

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