DC fans have been treated to a fresh look at Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle in the latest adaptation of the Batman franchise, directed by Matt Reeves and currently filming in the UK.

The general consensus is that both actors looks major and perfectly cast. For Kravitz, costume designer Jacqueline Durran has dressed her in leather trench, knee-high lace-up heeled boots, and long acrylic nails which give Selina Kyle a slight "queuing-for-a-techno-club vibe", with a touch of "about to findom your dad." Meanwhile, the shiny fascinator hat is inarguably high camp and balances out the severity with a dash of comic book hyperbole. However, the real style banger will be when her iconic catsuit is revealed, a look that will most likely be kept under wraps until filming is completed.

Bruce Wayne on the other hand, looks extremely rich – the polka dot tie looks suspiciously like Celine – but also tired, and with a faraway gaze that hints at his broken spirit. Robert Pattinson has dyed his tauny side-swept bangs several shades darker for the role too, giving us a Batman that feels a bit more emo and world-weary that his previous incarnations, in spite of being built like a refrigerator for the role.

Getty Images / MEGA
Getty Images / MEGA

The filming of The Batman is not immune to delays from Covid-19, and has recently been pushed back to 2022 for release.


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