On Monday, a Kickstarter project for The RompHim — a romper for men — was launched by startup company ACED Design. As well as promising comfort, the page's rather ambitious tagline claimed that its product "may just be the start of a fashion revolution" — something we here at Highsnobiety strongly and utterly disagree with (albeit nothing surprises us anymore).

But while we don't expect to see The RompHim (seriously, who came up with that name?) at Pitti Uomo anytime soon, the item has certainly made its presence felt in the memesphere, with social media uniting for a predictably savage takedown of the garb.

Of course, there's nothing wrong whatsoever with men wearing women's clothing, and while a minority of responses come across as harmful at worst and ignorant at best, most of the jokes are good natured and genuinely funny. Some even flag attention to the absurdity of objectification.

Find our favorite takes below, and go #teamromper.

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