Rowing Blazers has had a busy year filled with creative collaborations, but the grind doesn't stop. For the launch of its Fall/Winter 2021 collection, the team enlists Pete Davidson and Ziwe Fumudoh as frontrunners.

It's only been four years since Rowing Blazers popped onto the scene to sprinkle fun on the idea of classics, yet it's felt like a lot longer thanks to the pace it's kept. 2021 has been a particularly busy year for the brand, which welcomed collaborations with Sperry, Umbro, Seiko, and even an ode to pizza with John's of Bleecker Street.

Football shirts, colorful watches, and a hot slice of pepperoni – sounds like a recipe for a good time, right?

Well, the fun isn't over. As we step into Fall/Winter 2021, Rowing Blazers is back to keep spirits light and laughter loud with American comedians Pete Davidson and Ziwe Fumudoh.

With the duo leading the lookbook, the collection's youthful, high-spirited designs come to life in a flurry of color. Apparel lines dive headfirst into a bold palette dominated by reds, purples, and blues with a mixed fabrication of corduroy, fleece, knit, and everything in-between.

In amongst love hearts, playing cards, and two-piece suits, collaborations continue playing a key role in the brand's arsenal. Rowing Blazers' partnership with British knitwear brand; Warm & Wonderful brings sheep-pattern pieces (so cute), while a second collaboration with the NBA gives Knicks fans something to celebrate.

Why wait around? The Rowing Blazers Fall/Winter 2021 collection is available online now.

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