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There must be something in the water in Florida because the young artists that are breaking out of the swampy state are absolutely mesmerizing. Ryahn is no exception with dreamy tunes that sound like they were plucked from our wildest fantasies. Today, we’re premiering the 21-year-old’s new single “Anything You Want.” The uplifting track is co-produced by SZA band member Kaley Puckett and IGBO’s Benamin.

“I wrote this song when I was feeling like I was letting other peoples ideals mess with my peace of mind and self-image,” she said. “The burden of all the things we want to work out and things we try to control can sit on your chest and become suffocating. This song is about nurturing yourself in all your wants and needs and not feeling guilty about it.”

No doubt that the repetition of “fuck what you heard” will become engrained as a mantra in your constantly evolving life. Ryahn’s Light Blue is out everywhere on May 31. Scroll down to stream her gorgeous soundscape.

Words by Sydney Gore
Features Editor

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