Over the past two years or so, SASSY 009 has enthralled listeners with their bittersweet bops about callous hearts and industrial romance. Since their initial debut, the Norwegian electro-pop group has gone from a trio to the solo project of Sunniva Lindgård. Today, we're premiering her new single "Are You Still a Lover" which could not have arrived during a better season because it channels some major Scorpio energy that may or may not tempt you to eat your heart out. In an email to Highsnobiety, Lindgård told us that the immersive track is both a "reflection on death and love" and a moment to "bring the bass guitar into my universe.”

"I’ve always been a very seeking person when it comes finding meaning and asking questions to our existence as humans, and in this song ask such a banal question as 'Are you still a lover when you’re gone?'" she explained. "I guess you could ask, 'Gone, in what way?' and I simply have no answer to this question, other than; There are a lot of things I still don’t understand."

No doubt that this song will have all those burning questions swirling around in your head like a fidget spinner as the intensity builds, chaos blurring out of view for a brief moment in time. SASSY 009's forthcoming KILL SASSY 009 EP is due out on November 22 via Luft Recordings. Scroll down to stream the romantic soundbite in full.

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