schoolboy q top 10 essentials GQ

With ScHoolboy Q slated to debut his long-awaited album CrasH Talk Take 1, on April 26, the LA rapper is featured in a new GQ profile, and sits down with the publication in another interview where he delves through his top 10 daily essentials.

To kick things off, Q says that his top go-to essential are iced out grills, “I don’t go nowhere without my grills, bruh.” Also revealing that he actually owns 26 types of variations. Other items that are a necessity include an iced out Rolex, diamond encrusted gold chains, tobacco wrapper leaf, a lighter, and wallet. “I don’t go nowhere without my ID, so, it’s essential,” Q says.

It’s also worth noting that the video was filmed in a golf clubhouse, so Q fittingly adds that his pitching wedge, golf tees and rangefinder are also essentials, however, he explains, “I just wanted to throw this in,” in reference to bump up his list.

Finally, Q closes it out by revealing Airpods, an asthma inhaler and even cash for his list of must-have essentials. You can learn exactly why he always brings money to the golf course by enjoying the video above.

Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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