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We have a soft spot for German audio company Sennheiser, and their newest pair of earphones really stands apart from the crowd. The MOMENTUM True Wireless earbuds is Sennheiser's introductory offering into the wireless earbud market, and it expands on the company's reputation for melding high-quality sound with an elevated eye.

They were among some of Sennheiser's well-received products at CES, including the $2,500 glass-covered HD 820 earphones, which will be a go-to for discerning audiophiles everywhere. We test drove a pair of the MOMENTUM earbuds earlier this year in Iceland, when Sennheiser partnered with us to debut our collaboration with outerwear brand THE ARRIVALS.

Each pair is customizable for an optimal fit, with four different ear tips sizes. A 7mm dynamic driver offers optimal sound experience, and a cleverly hidden mic hole works great for impromptu phone calls and voice chats.

What's especially cool though is the Smart Control App that allows you to configure and control the functions of your earbuds from your phone. This includes an equalizer and an ingenious mode called “transparent hearing,” which allows you to filter the amount of ambient noise you want to hear. This is ideal for urban denizens and commuters alike, allowing you to play music while paying attention to your surroundings.

The Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless earbuds are available now at retailers like Neiman Marcus, and cost $299.95.

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