TMZ reports that the LA District Attorney's Office will not be pressing charges against Sheck Wes, stemming from abuse allegations brought forth by Justine Skye. They have cited a lack of evidence as the reasoning behind rejecting the case.

In February, Skye came forward with accusations that Sheck Wes had attacked she and her friends in addition to sharing footage of the rapper forcing entry into her home. Wes categorically denied the allegations, and Skye was granted a restraining order against the rapper.

In a statement shared to various outlets, Justine Skye shared the following:

"A judge in the Superior Court of California granted a restraining order against Sheck Wes that is still in effect and the correlating case is still pending. However, it is unfortunate that the Los Angeles District Attorney decided to not pursue any further action at this time but that is often the case with many victims of Domestic Violence which is why incidents like this go unreported much of the time.

At no time did anyone from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office take a statement on the incident from Justine Skye or reached out to garner a statement which is unfortunate."

We have reached out to Justine Skye and Sheck Wes for additional comments.

If you or someone you know is a victim of violence, threats, or abuse at home, there are organizations you can contact for help and advice. Visit The Hotline in the US and the National Domestic Violence Helpline in the UK for more information.

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