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On this episode of The Dropcast hosts Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon wrap up our week of 4/20 themed coverage just in time to celebrate the occasion. They’re joined by Sherbinkis founder Mario Guzman and his right hand man G-Putt, head of talent relations for the brand. Sherbinskis is known for their ever-popular Gelato strain of cannabis, the signature orange color associated with the label, and the high prices their premium products demand.

We get into how they started out in the weed industry, and how the care Mario puts into the products parallels the luxury clothing brands they’re also into.

In addition, we take a look at all the content we published around the modern weed industry. From how Levi’s is revolutionizing the hemp game to the evolution of marijuana slang in rap, take a listen to see how far down the weed rabbit hole we go.

Speaking of weed slang, we asked Dropcast listeners to weigh in with their favorite nicknames for the ganja—and y’all didn’t disappoint. Thanks for all the voicemails and keep enjoying the doink, jazz cabbage, gas, or whatever you call it.

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Words by Noah Thomas
Digital Fashion Editor