Shia LaBeouf gave an emotional speech at the Hollywood Film Awards after receiving the award for breakthrough screenwriter for his latest film Honey Boy.

The film itself gives a personal inside look into the troubling life of LaBeouf throughout his career as an actor, relationship with his father, and alcohol addiction. During his acceptance speech, Shia kept things personal thanking all those who've helped him through his road of rehab and recovery, even the police who arrested him.

"I want to thank the police officer who arrested me in Georgia," said LaBeouf, who carried on speaking over some laughs from audience members who thought he was joking. "For changing my life."

During his time under court-ordered rehab due to the arrest, Shia wrote the script for Honey Boy. Now sober, he went on to thanks "my therapist and my sponsor for saving my life," as well as "my parents for giving my life."

Honey Boy is receiving rave reviews from critics as well as Robert Downey Jr., who presented the award to Shia, calling the film "damn near perfect," adding that it was "easily the best and bravest film I have seen in years."

Honey Boy hits theaters November 8.

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