In today’s world, it’s not enough to be just a writer, designer, or musician. Multifaceted creatives with an arsenal of skills are the ones who really excel, marrying together complementary talents and taking full control over everything they create. These are the graphic designers who code, the fashion designers who shoot photography, and the filmmakers who nail social media.

Serpis J. Dirat (SJD) is one such creator boasting a seemingly endless list of interests and talents. Based in Paris, SJD is primarily a film director, but he’s experimented extensively with everything from cinematography to fashion design, and in his spare time, he fuels his creative work with activities such as dancing, boxing, and running.

Anyone who’s physically active will be aware of its ability to positively affect the mind as much as the body. Running is often meditative, a time to quiet the mind or subconsciously developed ideas — SJD likens it to therapy sessions. And whether a seasoned pro or just starting out, runners also know the importance of being suitably equipped. Having a sneaker that meets all the technical requirements (supporting the foot, minimizing striking impact, etc.) is crucial to maintaining a healthy and sustainable running habit. And if they look damn good too, well that’s just one more motive to get up and go.

adidas running sjd influencer lookbook
adidas / Mathieu Vilasco

The adidas Ultra Boost ticks all these boxes and, because of it, has become a firm favorite among runners and non-runners alike. Recognizing its revered status, adidas’ latest addition to the franchise is the aptly named Legacy Pack. The drop features three colorways, two of which boast a rainbow-colored yarn on the toe (available now), and one clean Chalk White iteration (available November 21).

To celebrate the newly launched Legacy Pack and delve deeper into SJD’s relationship with running, we captured him flexing the new kicks on the streets of his home city and, afterward, caught up with him to talk all things running. Read the interview and peep the shots of SJD below. If you like what you see, head to to cop the new colorways.

Why do you run?

I run everyday cause I’m late all the time.

Where do you enjoy running in Paris? Do you have any favorite routes?

The whole city is my race course.

From sneakers and tech to your outfit, what essential items are in your training kit?

My watch is an important element because time defines my race.

Why is staying fit important to you? What else do you do to stay active?

In our business, it’s important to be fit. I box and dance because I like personal development and movement.

What impact does running have on your creativity?

It’s helped me learn how to think during periods of intense effort.

Do you have any other routines, habits, or practices that positively influence your creativity?

Relaxation and meditation stimulate my creativity.

adidas running sjd influencer lookbook
adidas / Mathieu Vilasco

What personal or professional goals are you currently working towards? Do you think the discipline required to run helps in those areas?

My ultimate goal is to fulfill my personal legend. For that, I need an enduring state of mind because it’s a long journey, just like a long distance race.

Any words of wisdom you’d like to leave us with?

Running is cheaper than therapy.

Words by Aaron Howes
Branded Content Editor