These are testing times for Snapchat. Having previously held a monopoly on the disposable messaging market, the medium now has serious competition for the first time in the form of Instagram Stories. With both apps in direct competition, new updates and features seem to be emerging on the daily, and now Snapchat has fine-tuned their stories section in a bid to get one over the competition.

By replacing the Auto Advance feature with Story Playlists, users can now select which videos they want to watch singularly, rather than being placed into a queue when the app automatically begins another person's story. To create a playlist, the user simply clicks on the story thumbnail which will automatically collate and then autoplay. Handy, if you want to skip the snap-happy antics of a random celebrity (we're looking at you, Diplo) and instead catch up with family and friends.

On top of this, the update also puts "friends first," meaning your nearest and dearest will appear above publisher and news content.

In bigger Snapchat news, "Spectacles" could be coming soon.

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