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An image posted to a 4chan message board may give the first look at Sony’s new PlayStation 5 dev kit user interface (UI). CNN reports that it was also sent the same image via an anonymous source.

The following should be taken with a pinch of salt until confirmed but, should the image be accurate, you will notice that the UI design is similar to PlayStation 4’s OrbisOS layout (so much so that this could actually be the the PS4’s dev kit).

The image posting was accompanied by a message that reads, “I am working at some game studio that already has ps5 devkits, guess it’s the first picture of ps5 ui (at least as it looks like now) on the internet.”

The leaked image teases horizontally scrolling icons with vertical drop-down sub-menus. The icons include what looks to be a settings menu, a “What’s New” icon, and two games. The image also shows 1 TB of storage space and 0.100.020 system software.

Take a look below.

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