The U.S. Space Force released its logo and motto at the Pentagon on Wednesday. Like the original logo unveiled by Donald Trump in January, the latest design bears an uncanny likeness to the iconic logo from the Star Trek television series.

Keyboard warriors wasted no time in dubbing the new logo yet another embarrassing ripoff. Meanwhile, the official U.S. Space Force Twitter account went on the defensive, outlining how the shape has been in use by space organizations as far back as 1961, five years before the science fiction television series debuted.

According to the U.S. Space Force Twitter, the design's central star symbolizes Polaris, or "the North Star," the core values and guiding light for the organization.

The two spires signify a rocket launch, and the four beveled elements at the bottom represent the four armed forces supporting the space mission. The silver border signifies “defense and protection,” and the black background represents space. While Space Force's explanation is compelling, many Twitter users agree that it looks more like the Pontiac logo turned upside down.

Check out some of the best Twitter reactions below.

The biggest question is, who's running the Space Force Twitter?

The Space Force when they invented FTL travel — Arturo Torres Sánchez (@R2D221) July 23, 2020

Space Force = Star Trek

The history of the Space Force logo:

Someone watched Star Trek, and thought this logo looks cool.

— DasSkelett (@DasSkelett) July 22, 2020

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