The Star Wars franchise has grown to have one the biggest and hardcore fan bases of all time. Thanks to its groundbreaking and visually stunning films, the saga puts Supreme drop lines to shame each movie release. With The Last Jedi already receiving rave reviews from critics, it safe to say it will easily put up LeBron numbers opening weekend.

However, it hasn't aways been sunshine and roses for the sci-fi series. The original Star Wars film was originally a galactic mess during the rough cut phase. Thanks to the team at RocketJump, they created a video essay exploring how Star Wars' editors recut and rearranged Star Wars: A New Hope to create the cinematic classic it became after its initial shaky start.

The editing team certainly had their work cut out for them. The video explains, “Their job was to rebuild a bloated first act; cut tons of unnecessary material; create clarity, tension, and drama in places that had none; and restructure scenes and entire sequences to propel the story forward.”

The video compares and contrasts various changes to the film, and gives great side-by-sides comparison of the rough cut and theatrical version. It demonstrates how radical the effect of a small scene re-ordering, or a few new lines of dialogue, can be when it comes to creating narrative clarity and character development.

Some of the changes covered include:

- Shortening the text of the opening crawl sequence - Moving jokes around to better fit the tone of scenes - Totally transforming the introduction of Luke Skywalker - Making Luke look less callous when he and Obi-Wan hear Leia’s message - Restructuring all the information about Alderaan - Using Greedo for exposition - Eliminating the need for terrible CGI with the land speeder - Explaining the tractor beam - Adding more tension to the explosion of the Death Star

Check out the full video above, and be prepare to be blown away at all the crucial changes that went into to making one of the best sci-fi movies of all time.

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