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When Apple revealed plans to launch its credit card earlier this year, the news was met with a lot of excitement (and promises of flexing). However, according to a blog post from Apple’s former creative director Ken Segall, the concept is not a new one — Steve Jobs apparently tried to launch the Apple Card 15 years ago.

“The year was 2004, when Apple was a very different company. It had only recently reinvented the music industry with iPod and iTunes, forever changing the way we buy and discover music,” Segall writes, setting the scene.

“Steve thought the time was right for Apple to offer its own credit card. He would call it Apple Card. In typical Steve fashion, though, he wanted to do something different. Instead of offering frequent flier points or cash back, the Apple Card would be far cooler. It would offer free music.”

In fact, Jobs’ idea was so thorough that company’s internal creative teams had even worked on a campaign introducing the card. The only reason it didn’t work out was because the late Apple founder couldn’t settle on the terms he wanted with MasterCard, so the entire project was scrapped. Until now, of course.

The Apple Card is set to launch this summer. Find out more here.

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