Alongside our meticulously-researched Buyer’s Guides and Op-Eds, we serve up a tongue-in-cheek guide to the numerous streetwear and sneaker-related colloquialisms that can be found online and IRL.

Are you ever bemused at the lingo used in streetwear-related Facebook groups, comments sections and forums? Well fear not, for Highsnobiety have commissioned our very own visual guide to give newer (or perhaps older) members of the streetwear, sneakerhead and fashion community a helping hand in navigating the endlessly-changing and evolving terminology used in our world.

From doomed sneakers strictly used during rainy days to generic statements of approval, the following visuals will give you a crash course in streetwear’s many unique idioms and colloquialisms.

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Words by Alec Leach
Freelance Writer/Editor/Consultant

Alec Leach grew up in Brighton, England, but now lives in Berlin