Premium Bandai

Heritage Japanese suitcase brand PROTEX has joined forces with STRICT-G for a line of suitcases inspired by the ’80s anime series, Mobile Suit Gundam.

The collaboration includes two sizes — check-in and carry-on — available in black and olive green colorways. The black version pays homage to Char Aznable and his custom Gundam, while the green is inspired by Zeon Army Gundam. All suitcases come with Gundam-inspired designs on the front and printed on the lining.

The suitcases are constructed from high-density polyethylene. They are rigid yet lightweight and made to withstand drops, corrosion, and water damage. Each piece is handmade in Japan, with the check-in and carry-on sizes retailing for ¥140,800 JPY (approx. $1,348) and ¥118,800 JPY (approx. $1,137).

The suitcases can be pre-ordered at Premium Bandai, with delivery expected by early April.

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