Contemporary pop artist and pioneer of the "superflat" movement, Takashi Murakami has teased a new collaboration with another Japanese cultural icon: Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty is — contrary to popular belief — not a cat but a young girl, one that has an established presence in fashion, notably in collaborations with Levi's, BAPE, and Converse. It's not known how exactly the popular Sanrio character will be integrated with Murakami's flower-filled universe, but you can expect some interactions between Hello Kitty and mischievous-looking Murakami characters such as in the teaser image below.

Details of the collab are scarce but the announcement follows a recent Instagram video in which Murakami details his ongoing financial struggle during Covid-19 and the cancellation of his passion project, the filming of Jellyfish Eyes: Part 2.

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