Automobile enthusiast Floris de Raadt has transformed the Tesla Model S into a bespoke station wagon. de Raadt is now partnering with JB Classic Cars to sell the custom vehicle for just over $200,000.

de Raadt purchased his Model S roughly three years after the car's debut. He then called on RemetzCar in the Netherlands to build a station wagon based on the lift-back shaped Model S. To reshape the Tesla, they installed the rear of a Jaguar XF Sportbrake onto the Model S.

Due to the Model S having an aluminum body and the Jaguar being made of steel, Frank Reijenga of RemetzCar suggested an all-aluminum build. This allowed the original structure of the Tesla to be kept largely intact. The station wagon was, however, outfitted with strips of handcrafted chromed steel to add some flair.

The bespoke Tesla is complemented with 21-inch turbine wheels, while beige and black leathers decorate the interior. Boasting 422 horsepower and 442 pound-feet of torque, Floris de Raadt is asking roughly $200,400 for the custom ride.

You can learn more about the Tesla Model S station wagon here.

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