Outerwear mainstay The North Face presents its all-new Access Pack, an accessory that aims to elevate the benchmark for how functional a backpack can be. A total of three pending patents have been integrated into the Access Pack, all of which come together in a streamlined design that crystalizes the user experience into simple, easy motions.

In terms of features, several highlights are included, not limited to the one-touch open entry closure, which allows the user to access the main compartment with a flick of the clasp, all without the hassle and struggle of zips. Within the backpack, ejector tabs enable the wearer to retrieve items such as laptops and cell phones with one fluid motion, while the accessory's silhouette itself features a rugged exo-skeletal structure to shield its user’s expensive electronics.

Watch for The North Face's Access Pack to hit stores in July 2016 for a price of $270.

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