Portugal's Ton-Up Garage have recently taken on the revitalization of a Moto Guzzi Le Mans. The sports motorcycle was first manufactured back in 1976, as Ton-Up sought to bring the old Guzzi racing pedigree back to life.

They aimed at pairing classic racing style with a refined aesthetic to of course blend the old with the new. Further inspiration behind the Guzzi Le Mans came from Old Endurance race bikes that featured headlights that stood outside the race fairings.

The overall body of the bike stays fairly true to form, showcasing a long and fluid build. The fuel tank is also extended and features the battery compartment beneath it. The specially-designed seat then notes a hole in the middle, allowing the rider to quickly access the ignition key.

Additional new components include fitted Marshall headlights and a matching taillight, a lithium battery, Motogadget electrics, Borrani rims with stainless spokes and Avon Tires, Tarozzi controls and Ariette grips.

And as far as performance goes, the 1000cc Moto Guzzi Le Mans from Ton-Up not only held its own, but surpassed the competition from newer bikes, upon entering some illegal street races.

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