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Getty Images / Noam Galai

After IGOR made our heads spin back in May, Tyler, the Creator took to Twitter yesterday to delve into his favorite moments from the project.

Tyler unpacked the details behind his favorite songs, starting off with the “synth galore” on “IGOR’S THEME” and how the harmonies on “EARFQUAKE” sound like “clouds melting.” The artist gushes about the little details that make his songs “just perfect”, like the ad-libs on “I THINK”, Solange’s vocals on “A BOY IS A GUN” and his breathing throughout “WHAT’s GOOD.” He even admits that “NEW MAGIC WAND” is his favorite song he’s ever made.

While we’re still not done reveling in the triumph that is IGOR, it’s refreshing to see that Tyler is just as — if not more — thrilled about this body of work. Scroll down to see more of Tyler’s breakdown of the album.

Words by Sarah Osei
Staff Writer