Paper bag lunches just got a whole lot fancier thanks to Tuscany-based Australian transplant Uashmama. Born of a trip to Italy in 2011, the company produces resilient washable paper bags with the look and feel of supple, attractively aged leather.

The inspiration behind the elevated brown bag comes from Le Sorelle (meaning 'The Sisters") bread bags, which had formerly been produced  for many years by a small family business in Montecatini, Italy. Once a popular getaway destination, the region fell into economic downturn over the last decade due to the faltering tourism industry and the heavy promotion of other areas in Italy for traveling. With the creation of Uashmama, family-owned businesses are now enjoying a renewed prosperity.

Uashmama promotes the local cottage industry of the region by enlisting the help of local artisan craftsmen in the cutting, sewing and overall creation of their bags. The brand uses cultivated, ethically-sourced virgin paper which is then stretched and tanned to increase its resilience for daily use.

Usage suggestions range from laundry hampers and beach bags to grocery shopping and herb planters. As you wish. Get yours here.

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