Arch firm Ministry of Design (MOD) and its TRIPLE V GALLERY has become an icon along the Dong Jiang Bay coastline in Tianjin, China.

Designed for China’s largest residential real estate developer Vanke, the structure's program is defined by three main spaces -- a tourist information center, show gallery and a lounge for discussion.

Interpreted into a triangular profile with three soaring edges to define its form, the structure's layout was achieved from a careful analysis of key contextual and programmatic perimeters, as each main space required their own entrances. The tourist center and the show gallery are orientated to separate existing pedestrian pathways and can be operated independently.

From the outside, the building could almost be a sharp ship slicing through the plaza, while on the inside, space flows gracefully from the corners to the center -- where the client displays information on development for sale. Furthermore, the lounge area takes advantage of the panoramic views of the coastline and comprises a sculptural bar counter.

In terms of its materials, Corten steel and glass was utilized on the exterior, while white-oak walls and ceilings with cement floors in the interiors provide a contrasting, yet contemporary vibe to perfectly suit its aesthetic.

Now here's the “Twisting Courtyard” in Beijing, a modern update on traditional roots.

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