Virgil Abloh's long-awaited IKEA collaboration, "MARKERAD," is scheduled to launch at all IKEA stores in the United States beginning November 1.

This weekend, two weeks out from the US release, Abloh's "TEMPORARY” wall clock was spotted in the trolleys of a number of Parisians. The clock will retails for $29, however, resellers are asking for around triple that following the surprise drop.

The collection is designed for millennials, specifically those looking to furnish their first home with inexpensive yet fashionable decor. At the core, the practical "MARKERAD" assortment blends contemporary art culture, street art culture, and IKEA product design in basic furnishings.

Abloh's IKEA collection includes the low pile MARKERAD Rug ($99), high pile MARKERAD Rug ($249), medium and large size MARKERAD Shopping Bag ($19.99 and $24.99), and the MARKERAD Backlit artwork USB ($99), which highlights Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic Mona Lisa painting.

In speaking on the low pile MARKERAD Rug, Virgil says, “The receipt is a trademark in itself that has been transformed into art. I think that this rug can just as easily be on a floor or hung on a wall - in both scenarios, the rug highlights the entire story which IKEA embodies.”

He adds about the high pile MARKERAD Rug: “There’s always an underlying message in my creations. A little bit of irony – and a human connection.”

Virgil Abloh's "MARKERAD" collection will be available in-store only at IKEA locations across the US, beginning November 1 at 10 a.m. Customers can only purchase one of each of the 15 items in the capsule.

For more about Virgil Abloh, watch below.

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