Brand: visvim

Season: Fall/Winter 2021

Key Pieces: Standouts are always gonna be the bits that demonstrate visvim's incredible attention to detail, the result of both being well-funded and dedicated to true craftsmanship. Chunky handknit sweaters, leather vests, lush militaria reinterpretations, and flowing overcoats are crucial to this offering's sense of inherent ease.

Buy: visvim's web store and stockists in the coming months.

Editor's Notes: Nothing goes down smoother than a visvim lookbook. The Japanese brand has really set the standard for aspirational workwear and its FW21 collection, "Dissertation on I'm my own man," doesn't miss the mark. Shot amidst a luscious Japanese property, the new collection delivers founder Hiroki Nakamura's vision of "real" clothing elevated by painstaking attention to detail.

Just like visvim Sport, visvim FW21 is packed with incredibly accessible silhouettes. There are classic military field jackets, chesterfield coats, hoodies, tees, washed-out jeans, "hakama"-style slacks, and hardy footwear aplenty, as is per the norm for visvim. Occasional new styles or revisions of old favorites appear, like the leather Tana vest, the Hayward jacket in tough melton wool, and the Four Winds coat in a new technical-looking textile.

It's the thoughtful construction that distinguishes visvim from the rest of the pack (and inspires its famously imposing retail prices): the knitwear, for instance. is handmade to Nakamura's standards, woven from fine European wools. The thick cotton hoodies are cut oversized and individually dyed for a distinct finish. The army-inspired jackets and parkas are waxed for weather resistance and finished to exacting standards in Japan, complete with the occasional hand-stamped branding or mother of pearl buttons.

Don't get me wrong, it's easy enough to be skeptical of visvim's astronomical American MSRP (it ain't even that much cheaper in Japan). But its most considered pieces are truly unlike anything else being made by comparable repro-obsessed brands, distinguished by fit and fabrication. Of course, the FW21 lookbook, with its exquisite film photographs of warm, inviting scenery, only makes everything seem that much nicer.

  • Hair/Make-Up:AZUMA/M-rep by MONDO-artist

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