graphene bulletproof jacket Vollebak

Brand: Vollebak

Model: Graphene Jacket

Key Features: Science aside (more on that below), the jacket is a slick, slim-fitting, running jacket, created from graphene — a "rubberised" material, which feels soft and smooth.  Features include weldet eyelets under the arms, elastic drawcords on the hood, waist, and sleeves.

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Editor’s Notes: Vollebak has just dropped a jacket made from the only material in the world to hold a Nobel Prize: graphene, the lightest and strongest fabric ever discovered. It's very heat conductive, which will keep you toasty during the winter months, but more interestingly, it has the potential to change the future of "smart clothing."

Firstly, graphene "challenges the fundamental laws of heat conduction" in that it can absorb insane levels of heat (melting point of 300°C) and act as a radiator — if you leave it out in the heat, reverse it, and put it on, it'll spread the warmth across your body.

Also, as the material is super strong, once the technology improves, it could be incorporated into bulletproof wear. "When it is," Vollebak writes, "we’ll be the first trying to make a lightweight suit of extreme sports armor."

The jacket is also waterproof, breathable, fully reversible, and modeled by James Jagger — Mick Jagger's eldest son.

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