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Family, friends, and fans gathered in Long Beach on Saturday night for a memorial service to celebrate and mourn the life of Lil Peep, who passed away on November 16 at the age of 21.

Among some of his closest friends and colleagues, Lil Peep’s (real name Gus Ahr) grandmother and mother both held speeches that touched on what the rapper/singer/songwriter had accomplished at just 21 years of age and the legacy he leaves behind.

His grandmother, Jenny Kastner, read several fan letters she received in the wake of her grandson’s death. One such message focused on Lil Peep’s influence on the world:

“He wasn’t the modern-day Kurt Cobain, by the way. He is the first and only Lil Peep, and arguably left behind a legacy that will have a far greater impact. His kindness will live on through lots of people.”

The rapper’s mother then took the stage to talk about her son’s status as an outsider and how parts of society viewed him:

“Years later, Gus told me that it was easy to tell the difference between the people who saw his tattoos when they looked at him, and the people who saw him [for who he was]. Please do not make assumptions about people or events in ignorance […] Try to step outside of your own box and open your mind to new ideas. My sweet Lil Peeper is gone now, but he has surely left us a lot of wonderful material to review and consider […] I am so proud of him. You have no idea.”

Watch the full memorial service in the video above.

  • Photographer: Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images
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