Now that weed is becoming legal for recreational use in more and more states, a number of studies are popping up that outline the potential health benefits of cannabis consumption. The latest research suggests that marijuana-use can actually have protective benefits for your liver, according to a recent article by TONIC.

According to one study, drinkers who smoke cannabis had a significantly lower chance of developing liver diseases, which included hepatitis, steatosis, and cirrhosis. The research was conducted using the discharge records of almost 320,000 patients who had a past or current history of abusive alcohol use.

Alcohol abusers who didn’t consume cannabis had a 90 percent chance of developing a liver disease, while light-cannabis users that drank heavily had an 8 percent chance, according to the study from researchers at the National Institute of Scientific Research at the University of Quebec.

For a more detailed look at the research, read TONIC’s full piece here.

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