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Cold weather dressing is all about layers. But why complicate things?

In snow sports of all sorts, the bib (think: the overall’s athletic cousin) has won over countless wearers for its pure simplicity. With just two suspender straps and an über-high waistline, bibs provide a single contiguous barrier from toes to torso, meaning better weather protection and a more comfortable fit.

If all you read was “techwear bodysuit,” we’re on the same page.

The same qualities that make snow bibs so appealing on the slopes — oversized proportions, wild functionality — make them some of the season’s most underrated style pieces. On a quest for fresh tracks in the winter fashion landscape, we sought out bibs both fashionable and functional.

These were the overall champs.

Helly Hansen Odin Mountain 3L Shell Bib

Norway has both the rainiest city in Europe and its northernmost point. So, if there’s one thing Oslo-based Helly Hansen knows how to do, it’s keep shitty weather out. The Odin Mountain 3L is a windproof and waterproof bib originally designed for backcountry ski touring. While you may not be skinning up any mountains on your walk to the bodega, this dynamic, lightweight coverall is a soaring way to keep what’s outside on the outside.


- Mixed-material construction: three-layer Helly Tech waterproof hardshell on the legs, flexible and breathable softshell on the chest.

- 11° zippered waist pocket fits an avalanche beacon (or, you know, a smartphone).

- Part of Helly’s “Odin” backcountry skiing line, named after the Norse god of war.

Odin Mountain 3L Shell Bib

Odin Mountain 3L Shell Bib


Helly Hansen

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The North Face Men’s Purist FUTURELIGHT™ Bibs

TNF’s FUTURELIGHT™ is one of the most advanced technologies on the market. Don’t just take our word for it — look at all those zippers. True to its name, the Purist bib is as close as it gets to a wearable sheet of FUTURELIGHT™ breathable waterproofing. A host of pockets lets you pack it all in. A belted waist, gusseted crotch, and more articulations than a spelling bee turn what could be a bunny suit into a rather nimble piece of kit.


- Recycled nylon stretch blend creates maximum flexibility.

- YKK® AquaGuard® zips keep the aqua zipped out of thigh pockets.

- 3/4-length side vents provide extra comfort and a quick exit.




The North Face

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Moncler Grenoble Bib

If you “ski,” you wear ski gear. If you “winter,” you wear Moncler Grenoble. A modern interpretation of the brand’s ski racing routes (Moncler outfitted the 1968 French Olympic downhill team), Grenoble mixes finery with functionality to create luxe athletic wear. The highlight here is the elasticized waist, a surprisingly lax addition that seems more for the après than the pendant. Who ever said form follows function?


- Oversized fit is Black Diamond cozy.

- Lightweight, weatherproof fabric sprinkles in some utility.

Dyneema® Ski Pants

Dyneema® Ski Pants


3 Moncler Grenoble

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Holden Alpine Bib

In the mid 2000s, there were two cool snow kits: Errolson Hugh’s Burton and Mikey LeBlanc’s Holden. Pro snowboarder LeBlanc is famous for catching backcountry air on a literal toboggan strapped to his feet. The outerwear brand he started is famous for making some of the first urban-mountain crossovers. After a brief hiatus, Holden is back — and all of that same inside-out style is right there with it. The brand’s Alpine Bib (new for FW20) is one of the sleekest ski pieces on the market. Those seeking a gear refresh should look to this OG brand.


- Two-layer polyester membrane provides a hydrophobic 30,000mm of water resistance (1.5x the industry benchmark).

- Lowkey zip pocket at the top of the bib grants easy access to essentials.

- Branded knit bib straps assist with errant name checks.

Alpine Bibs

Alpine Bibs



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1017 ALYX 9SM Bib

If it involves nylon, zippers, and an unconventional body covering, ALYX just has to be included. These overalls from the line’s FW20 collection stretch the definition of bib all the way to boiler suit. Two vertical chest pockets flank a central in/out, a layout as familiar to mechanics as to wearers of the Arc'teryx Alpha SV. Shoulders-to-toes nylon provides water and wind resistance. And... that’s about it. Styling advice? Remember to wear something underneath it.


- 1017 ALYX 9SM is famous for its nightlife-inspired garments.

- This June, ALYX co-founder Matthew M. Williams was appointed creative director of Givenchy.

Coated Fuoripista Bib

Coated Fuoripista Bib


1017 ALYX 9SM

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