x men dark phoenix trailer three X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Today we get another look at Simon Kinberg’s new X-Men film, Dark Phoenix, ahead of this summer’s premiere. The international trailer delves into Jean Grey’s accident and her powerful return.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix finds the gang of superheroes confronted with their most formidable foe to date, which just so happens to be one of their own in Jean Grey. Following a near-fatal incident, during which she is struck by a mysterious cosmic force, she becomes overtaken by this entity, also leaving her more powerful than ever before. Turning dark, Jean begins to utilize her newfound force against her X-Men family. Now, the X-Men must unite to save Jean’s soul, as well as all of humanity from an alien invasion.

James McAvoy returns as Charles Xavier, in addition to Michael Fassbender as Magneto, Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, and Nicholas Hoult as Beast. Sophie Turner then plays Jean Grey/Phoenix, while Tye Sheridan is Cyclops, Alexandra Shipp is Storm, and Kodi Smit-McPhee is Nightcrawler. Evan Peters and Jessica Chastain also star in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which comes to theaters June 7.

Not NYC, not LA.