Where the runway meets the street

Directed by Ewen Spencer, a bit of Italia 90 nostalgia to celebrate the launch of the Palace Skateboards for Umbro collection. You know the score, lads hanging out in the pub, girls wearing gigantic hoop earrings, bucket hats and the boyish grin of a young Linekar plastered over newspapers. The 6 piece dual branded collection should please skaters and footie fans alike, a reworked England top from the tournament the star of the show.

Palace’s Lev Tanju comments; “We’ve been offered collaborations with loads of people before, but we’ve always turned them down because to me they seemed a bit soulless…I’ve always been reluctant to do any of those dumb obvious collaborations that make streetwear perverts happy: big garish headphones made out of Tyler the Creator’s bogeys or whatever. I don’t think anyone saw this thing coming and that’s what I set out to do. Suuurprise, bitches!”

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