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Following our BBQ Buyer’s Guide from two weeks ago, we decided to enjoy spring season even more with a good old fashioned picnic. Be it a romantic getaway with your sweetheart, a spontaneous get-together with a bunch of good friends, or maybe just your next lunch break, we compiled a list of items that will surely come in handy. See it after the jump.


Retro Cool Box

The no-bullshit design Retro Cool Box keeps your brews chilled throughout the day and even features a bottle opener attached to its side. You can get the box here.


City Boy Grill

The City Boy grill by the Finnish designer is a convenient gas grill with a distinct minimalist aesthetic. It measures 7.1″ x 7.1″ x 8.7″ and is entirely made of easy-to-maintain powder-coated steel. You can get it here.

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Native Union – SWITCH Bluetooth Speakers

Enjoy some chilled tunes on your next picnic with Native Union‘s SWITCH portable wireless speaker system. Designed by professional sound engineers, it features three speakers, including an active subwoofer and an enhanced bass-reflex system for an exceptional sound experience. It even acts as a professional conference call solution with full duplex microphone, compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices to spice up your picnic with a fun company meeting in the open. Get yours now here.


Tweedmill – Picnic Blanket

Every good picnic needs a big cozy blanket like this one by Tweedmill. Made from 100% pure wool, it comes with a water-resistant lining and leather carrier for easy transportation. Pick yours up here.


Picnic At Ascot – Picnic Backpack Cooler with Blanket for Four

Definitely a nice alternative to the classic picnic basket, this backpack cooler by Picnic At Ascot holds all your picnic essentials, as well as a fine bottle of wine and a blanket. Get it here.


Picnic Time – Manhattan Insulated Two-Bottle Cocktail Case/Bar Tool Kit

If you prefer your meals in liquid form, the Cocktail Case by Picnic Time might be the perfect accessory for you. Containing a bunch of cocktail mixing accessories and two bottle compartments, there is definitely no classier way of boozing outdoors. Get it here.


Opinel – Carbon Blade Knife

The Opinel knife is a cheap yet sharp as fuck and highly durable blade manufactured since 1890 in the town of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, France as a simple working man’s tool. Due to illustrious names such as painter Pablo Picasso credited using the Opinel knife, it has now achieved iconic status. You can cop your blade over here.


Aladdin – Insulated Tiffin Lunch Set

Invented in India, the Tiffin is by far the most convenient way to transport your warm or cold meals. Yet unlike the traditional one, this contemporary rendition by Aladdin is foam-insulated and microwave safe. You can pick up yours now over here.


Falcon – Enamel Tumblers

With porcelain being too fragile and plastic looking rather cheap, our choice of tablewares definitely comes to enamel. Functional, durable and with a distinct retro spin, Falcon has been around since 1920 producing top-shelf enamel tableware. You can get it here.


Best Made Co. – Hobo Knife

Developed and made famous by workers and vagabonds of the early 20th century, the Hobo Knife is by far the most essential yet shamefully underrated tool/piece of cutlery. Whether you take it on your picnic, on your camping trip or on your lunch break, this little gadget by Best Made Co. will make for a truly faithful companion. Get yours now directly from the source.

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