Our latest Tumblr roundup sees celebrities receiving Chola-style makeovers, an in-depth look into American craftsmanship, amazing art by NYCHOS, ill-placed QR codes, and inspiring encounters with New York City strangers. As with every week, leave a comment down below and with a bit of luck you’ll see your Tumblr among next week’s selection.


Having grown up in ’90s Los Angeles, Michael Jason Enriquez and his hilarious Tumblr presence has been strongly inspired by the city’s various subcultures, particularly Chola gangster style with “Sharpied” eyebrows, dark lipliner, and the fumes from a can of Aqua Net photoshopped on pictures of celebs and pop-culture icons.


Fuck Yeah Made in USA

Run by Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean, Fuck Yeah Made in USA is the number one source for factory videos of your favorite American clothing companies including Pendleton, New Balance, Horween, Danner and many more.



Austrian artist NYCHO combines his penchant for anatomy and his matchless graffiti skills to create amazing paintings and murals of dissected animals.


WTF QR Codes

From underwear to pancakes to tombstones, WTF QR Code presents a “best-of” of ill-placed QR codes.


Humans of New York

Humans of New York is an ongoing project by photographer Brandon Stanton. His Tumblr rounds up pictures of random strangers he meets in the streets of New York, alongside their inspirational, funny and thought-provoking quotes and conversations.

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