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Alongside our ongoing Reebok Classic Subcultures initiative, we introduce the Reebok Classic Stylists Project. To kick off the first installment, we invited the girls from eVe without adam to create an editorial around their favorite Reebok Classic Spring/Summer 2014 kicks. With carte blanche, the female collective sought to reinvigorate their childhood memories of the English brand through the use of timeless, stylish staples, all of which were then centered around sneakers like the Pump Omni Lite Vintage, Femmes Classic Leather and Workout Mid. The Freestyle Hi Vintage Inspired, Freestyle Hi, Kamikaze I Mid and Mens Ex-O-Fit Hi round out the creatives’ cohesive look.

Take a look at the eVe without adam girls above and check out our interview with founders Michal and Mayra below.


Please introduce yourself.

We are Michal and Mayra from eVe without adam. Two girls trying to conquer the world.

What exactly is eVe without adam?

eVe without adam is an online journal, female collective, community power house and creative agency for female-envisioned content by the unconventional.

What is the concept behind the editorial?

We wanted to create something timeless. A uniform for our crew, our female soldiers. A little ’50s schoolgirl meets Grease meets ’90s sneaker loving.

How did you apply the aesthetics of eVe without adam to the editorial?

The eVe aesthetic comes automatically. The editorial is about our crew. We wanted to give each eVerette the possibility to express herself and still keep a uniform for all of us. It’s about unity. It’s about being stronger in a group. Nine hot ladies. One uniform. One power house. All about eVe.

Where do you gain inspiration from on a day-to-day basis?

Our adventure-filled lives and the people we are surrounded by.

Did something in particular inspire you for this editorial?

An imaginative John Travolta harem.

What is your relationship with Reebok?

Reebok means young teenage times for us. Early ’90s, when CK One was our favorite perfume and Cindy Crawford was the shit (she still is).

Did you apply any ideas from your relationship with Reebok to the editorial?

How classics might be simple but can look super sexy.

Does the editorial reflect your own style at all?

Of course it does! All items the girls are wearing are their own. The only guideline we gave them was: jeans, black leather jacket, white top, red lips and black sunglasses.

What do you think makes great style?

Personality and authenticity.


Meet the crew above and stay tuned for more installments in the Reebok Classic Stylists Project.

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