In the first in an ongoing series, we took a fine-toothed comb to the internet to compile a selection of the best tracks available to download for free – which is our favorite price to pay.

The first of a weekly series on Highsnobiety, we’ll be serving up a selection of our five favorite free tracks from the past few days, found deep within the Internet’s far reaches. Albeit a concise list, we’ll always aim to give some variety – either in terms of genre, or in terms of sharing music from well knowns and unknowns alike. In a word, there will always be something for you amongst our selection.

For our inaugural list, fans of Odd Future will be pleased to hear about Hodgy Beats‘ new mixtape, and followers of the UK scene will be happy to see a storming freestyle from up-and-comer Little Simz. There’s also some rowdiness, some relaxation and a little bit of funk in there, too. As a bonus, there’s also a huge bulk of goodies from Boys Noize Records to celebrate 10 years of bursting eardrums the world over.

Prepare your music library and yourself, for the five best free tracks of the week.

Starfoxxx – “Bae HD (Mount Bank’s Piano VIP)”

Featured as part of a compilation including the label’s favorite remixes from the last year or so, Brighton-based imprint Donky Pitch shared a previously unreleased VIP version of Starfoxxx’s “Bae HD” by Mount Bank amongst the collection. In addition to other remixes by Obey City, Lockah and Slugabed, this particular remix is a more ornate matter, with a heavenly piano loop and chopped, and emotional vocal sampling which borders on the cinematic.

Stream it below and download it here.

Hodgy Beats – “Wild Boy”

For anyone reading this as they ready themselves for the week, this one is for you. Produced by Lakim and Marvel Alexander, “Wild Boy” is our highlight from Hodgy Beats’ latest free mixtape. Expect boisterous boastings and a sudden urge to break a table. However, we recommend you refrain from property damage and instead break open the rest of the mixtape if you like what you hear.

Cop it here.

Banginclude & Zee Reach – “Deggea Deggea”

Get ready for the half-time-double-time shuffle, as this unrelenting banger was seemingly made specific for booty shaking in the basement of a Brazilian nighclub. Released for free via Daniel Haaksman’s Man Recordings, Banginclude and Zee Reach’s collaboration on “Deggea Deggea” is raucous to say the least. Certainly not one for the first thing in the morning – or maybe it is, we’ll let you decide.

Add it to your current music collection via SoundCloud.

Little Simz – “It Ain’t Safe (Freestyle)”

Premiered over at i-D, Little Simz flexed her freestyle muscles, spitting bars over Skepta’s “It Ain’t Safe” and absolutely smashes it. Just wait until the shift at about the 38-second mark, and you’ll quickly see why Simz is being toasted as a significant figure in London’s music scene.

Download it via SoundCloud.

Tuxedo – “Do It (Flaunt Edwards Edit)”

If you check the tag on this remix of Tuxedo’s “Do It,” it probably reads, “100% funk. Do not machine wash, dry clean only.” Sounding almost as though it was recovered from a mixtape found in an ’80s time capsule, Flaunt Edward’s flip of Tuxedo’s track is fantastic, and painstakingly true to a bygone era of shoulder pads and feathered hairstyles.

Download it here.

Bonus: 10 Years of Boys Noize

It’s crazy to think that Alex Ridha’s ubiquitous Boys Noize Records has been going for 10 years now and to celebrate he has generously collected a bunch of goodies – including exclusive tracks, live recordings and some tracks which you may be familiar with already – and has given them all away as an essential download for anyone who enjoys themselves some frenetic electronica from the German label. Five hours’ worth, to be exact.

Download the compilation here.

Here’s to another 10 years!

Words by Moses Wiener
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