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We’ve returned with the latest rendition of our Meet the Muse series, this time starring the beautiful Melrose. Photographer Rupert Lamontagne, who was responsible for the candid portrayals of Celeste Dejardins and Dajana Rads, shares an intimate but active perspective that sees Melrose riding waves, grabbing some food and having a drink. Capturing the essence of her style as well as her beauty, the shoot features select pieces from Dime, Acne Studios, American Apparel, COMME des GARCONS, Nike and more. In order for you to truly Meet the Muse, we also took the opportunity to learn a little bit about her.

Styled by Fred Gauthier

What’s your ideal Saturday night?

Definitely not clubbing. Depends on the seasons, I mean if it’s cold, probably a small bar in Tremblant, Quebec, but summer time its cold beers by the beach or somewhere out in a field with a bunch a friends jamming to country music around a fire.

What’s your favorite meal?

My grandmothers Shepherd’s Pie, honestly never tasted something so good, it’s unreal.

What’s your current 9-5?

Presently in college studying Police Technology to become a police officer, (don’t worry I’ll be one of those rad cops.)

Favorite childhood memory?

I had a pretty wicked childhood (laughs). I grew up on a barn which means I grew up with horses and a wild imagination leading to a lot of stupid decisions. It’s not that we didn’t have rules just that there were very few. We were a couple girls, acres of fields and forest around us and horses to our dispositions. We had the best playground and time to come in was when the sun went down. My parents were never the type to be ‘’overprotective “they allowed me to figure out on my own what the word “consequences” meant. Not in the way of getting in trouble but more like if you gallop your horse through a field and you can’t stop anymore that wasn’t their problem. I got to learn the tough way and wouldn’t change a thing.

Favorite sports?

Without a doubt snowboarding. I’ve been boarding since I was four years old and started competing in slope style about a year ago. Although it does clash with modeling, I still wouldn’t give it up. I’m not sure what’s more attractive, the amount of bruises on my legs from falling on rails or the gnarly goggle tan I have almost all year round haha.

Own personal motto?

Oh man! For sure its “F*ck it!,” I mean it works with anything in life and it gives you some pretty rad stories to tell later on!

Favorite wardrobe item?

My black Oakley beanie!  Not going to lie I hate doing my hair, so this precious thing is my life saver.

Describe your personal style.

I’m really not the girly girl type, definitely more tomboy. I don’t think I own one pink shirt or anything girly for that matter! It’s all about the converses, jeans and a hoodie!

Brian Farmer is Highsnobiety's Managing Editor and is based in New York City.

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