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Goodhood store join the London Design Week schedule with an exhibition charting t-shirt design across the decades. “TSHIRTNOW/TSHIRTTHEN” divides the category into two, investigating the past and present side by side. “The T-shirt as an icon. The T-shirt as a statement. The T-shirt as art. High end, low end, throw away or collectable,” this universal item of clothing is placed in a design context, celebrated in all its forms. The “NOW” offering, many of which are available to buy, displays the work of contemporary artists including Eric Brunetti, Gasius, Fergus Purcell, Misha Hollenbach and Have a Good Day. meanwhile “THEN” picks up on the tee as a reflection of subcultures, movements and visual trends from the mid ’80s to 99, a pre-internet selection of “important and influential T-shirts from a forgotten era.”

 TSHIRTNOW/TSHIRTTHEN runs September 17-27: Goodhood, 151 Curtain Road

Words by Lena Dystant
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