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Kelli Samuelson, founder of female cycling squad LA Sweat, is an aspiring 2020 Olympics athlete. She’s so driven that she once raced the Red Hook Crit before even fully recovering from surgery. “Being an athlete, it’s hard to have patience. I always want to make things go faster then they should,” she recently said in an interview.

But that doesn’t mean that the Idaho native doesn’t enjoy biking for leisure. After all, her love of cycling started with simply commuting, and she still loves to start her cycling sessions with a casual cup of coffee and end with beer. And that’s what we did.

We recently had the pleasure to tour the streets of her current home city of Los Angeles with Levi’s Commuter. Samuelson is an ambassador for the brand, and fully endorses its superior line of casual yet functional techwear.

Starting with Cafe Vita by Silver Lake, Sunset Boulevard, we went through the bike path at Griffith Park toward downtown Broadway. Taking a break at Samuelson’s favorite beer joint, Wurskutche, we continued on to Black Top Coffee and ended the trip with Echo Park Lake before rounding out back to Silver Lake.

Levi’s iconic Trucker jacket made with wool specially for the brand’s Commuter line was a perfect piece for the trip. Samuelson styled it with Levi’s Commuter high-rise skinny jeans that have stretch and water-repellence capabilities. Her top was the label’s One Pocket button-down, which thermoregulates itself and proves to be the best shirt to wear in LA’s fluctuating hourly temperature.

See more of what Samuelson loves to wear from Levi’s Commuter and take a detailed look at her favorite LA bike route below.

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