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It only takes one look at the Ace Hotel‘s shop to see that the boutique concept enjoys collaborating with makers of all backgrounds. This time around, Ace returns its attention to phone accessories and mounts a second collaboration with outdoor-loving label REVISIT.

Previously, the duo released a line of brass iPhone 5 cases which they’ve now followed-up with iPhone 6 offerings. According to designers, they wanted to honor Ace Hotel’s point of view while tipping a hat to REVISIT’s obsession with modernity. Among the selection are brass-detailed, and anodized aluminum-detailed cases in various colorways. The cases are painlessly affixed by four screws, which are included with purchase along with a special REVISIT screwdriver.

Each case is made by expert craftsmen in Los Angeles or Michigan. You can purchase yours for $125 or $135 through REVISIT’s web shop.

REVISIT is dedicated to supporting National Parks and will donate 25% of profits to park  projects. You can see the full list of supported efforts here.

Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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