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If you frequent Tumblr, I can guarantee this chair has appeared countless times throughout the perfectly curated feeds of the aesthetically adept millennials you follow. Now, how many of these collage-artists do you think actually know the name of this chair?

Don’t worry, this is no rant on the internet’s power to dumb down design culture — I’m actually a big fan of Tumblr mood boards. Tools like this are leading to a generation of people who actually care about design, which can’t be a bad thing.

As image-driven culture continues to dominate, it becomes increasingly important to understand what we like, and why.

The lounge chair, for example, is one of the most famous designs ever. Envisioned by Ray and Charles Eames and originally produced by Herman Miller,  it is a hallmark of the Mid-Century Modern movement. If you want to see one in person, pay a visit to the MoMA.

Why am I telling this? Because New York’s 3sixteen, a brand we’ve shown love to since day one, just did a collaboration with Herman Miller. This doesn’t really happen.

Furthermore, the company paired natural vegetable-tanned leather with Herman Miller’s iconic hand-oiled santos palisander wood veneer shell…Handsome.

This collaboration is special, not only for the fact that Herman Miller doesn’t really collaborate, but also because the chosen leather is a far cry from the typical materials used. Similar to 3sixteen’s raw selvedge denim, this leather hide will show signs of wear over time.

This is a one-off piece that 3sixteen will keep to document the patination process. We’re hoping to see some pictures in a few years’ time.


Words by Thomas Welch
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